At Margetts Wealth we can help you put plans in place to provide for you and the people that matter in your lives should the worst happen.

We understand that most people won’t be wealthy they just don’t deserve to be poor. We therefore believe that the foundations of any sound financial advice are built upon strong foundations – adequate financial protection. Margetts Wealth is passionate about financial protection and believes that having the appropriate cover in place is fundamental to the success of all other areas of your financial planning. By thinking about financial protection now we can take the necessary action to plan ahead and protect your family

Whatever your future plans may be it is important to be confident that you have an adequate safety net in place. We can help you prepare for many of life’s uncertainties and will address the following key areas:

  • What would be the financial implications of your death or onset of a critical illness?
    • Could your partner and family cope – would they be able to maintain the same standard of living?
    • Would your liabilities be cleared if you were to die or suffer from a critical illness?
  • How would you and your family cope if you could no longer work due to illness or as a result of a serious injury?
    • What would be the implications of this scenario?
  • Do you have assets in any excess of the Nil Rate Band?
    • Do you have suitable protection in place for your beneficiaries to cover any ongoing Inheritance Tax liability on your death?

Providing a tax free lump sum upon death or critical illness, or a tax efficient income if you were unable to work due to illness or injury are key components of maintaining your family’s standard of living should the worst happen. We can discuss the best ways of implementing the appropriate cover for you to ensure financial certainly for you and your family. It is important to understand that in many scenarios financial protection is not for you – it’s for the people you leave behind.

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