Corporate Financial Planning

At Margetts Wealth we understand that to run a successful business your business comes first and this takes priority over time spent on planning your financial planning needs.

In the 25 years that we have been providing financial advice to businesses our highly experienced corporate advisers have learnt to identify the areas of corporate financial planning that really matter to businesses. At Margetts Wealth we have a range of unique planning solutions that can secure tax efficient retirement benefits for business owners.

We specialise in working with business owners to maximise the tax saving while you are working and minimise the tax you pay in the future when you exit your business or retire.


Current legislation provides a number of tax planning techniques that are rarely used to their full potential. We will provide you with the guidance to tap into these solutions, so that you can boost your assets and reduce the timeline to your exit and retirement.

If you are running a successful business, how can you your profits be utilised to provide an accelerated exit strategy for your retirement?

Some of the areas we can discuss with you are:

  • Use of specific tools to manage, reduce, offset, or even alleviate most forms of Tax (i.e. Income / Capital Gains / Corporation / Inheritance Tax)
  • Specialist pension arrangements enabling you and your family to reap the rewards from the success of your business
  • Extracting Profits and Retained Profits from businesses tax efficiently to provide accelerated exit strategies for business owners.
  • Some or our core planning areas are:
    • Advice and management on all pension types
    • Accelerated Pension Funding and Efficient Extraction

To find out more about the tailored corporate services please call our office on 0121 236 0550.

Business Protection

– Is your business participating in unprotected success?

At Margetts Wealth we believe the need for businesses to protect their future is clear, however, unfortunately many business fail to do so.

Without putting in place the right business protection for your company you are risking the continued success of your business.

Working closely with small and medium sized business owners we ensure that the company’s most valuable assets are protected – it’s people. We understand that the success of almost all small and medium sized business depends on a few people who make a significant contribution. Without putting effective protection solutions in place the death or serious illness of a key director, shareholder or partner can have severe consequences for a business.

This can result in:

  • Loss of profits / revenue
  • Reduced productivity
  • Loss of key clients/contacts
  • Issues repaying business loans and directors loan accounts
  • Problems with purchasing the shares of a deceased shareholders beneficiaries

At Margetts Wealth we will undertake an in depth review of your business and work with you to implement a tailored protection solution to protect your business from a wide range of risks and ensure the following:

  • Company Will Planning and Business Survival
  • Business Succession
  • Key Business Individuals are protected
  • That you are not paying more tax than you need to for your protection

To find out more about the implications of not having adequate business protection and why we feel it is so valuable please call our office on 0121 236 0550.

Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax planning advice