Work Place Pensions- Auto Enrolment

At Margetts Wealth, we also provide consultation services to employers who acknowledge that people will always be one of their most important assets. As a responsible employer, you never underestimate how important it is to your employees that their future is safeguarded. Motivated staff, who appreciate that their employer is taking care of their best interests, are invaluable in contributing to the success of any organisation.

The Government has passed new laws that require all employers to automatically enrol their staff into a qualifying pension scheme and make minimum contributions. So it’s the perfect time to review your pension arrangements. Please see for further information.

Our Corporate Financial Planning expertise and highly personalised service can enable you to offer the benefits most suitable to your employees and the organisation. The added advantage of engaging us via this service means that the considerable responsibility and liability of maintaining your company pension scheme lies with us. Through our dedicated link to our highly professional Employee Benefit advisers we can help pro-actively communicate the features and benefits to employers and employees alike, whilst providing personal advice to each individual scheme member on an annual basis.

For many, company benefits are complex and confusing and financial advice can be difficult to comprehend. To counteract this our service ensures we take time to engage everyone involved fully. This education process is re-enforced by providing ongoing advice and assistance. Through consultation with us, the real value of the benefit package is reinforced and staff retention is stronger.

Workplace Pension are regulated by The Pension Regulator