Margetts Wealth Management Ltd is a team of independent financial advisers offering effective wealth management and holistic financial planning solutions to both individual and corporate clients.

Our core values are centered around our clients, providing bespoke planning solutions, clear financial direction as well as excelling in providing high levels of ongoing customer service.

Our approach to both personal and company financial planning is to turn the many grey areas into the clarity of black and white. In the 25 years that we have been providing financial advice we have learned that identifying what really matters to people enables our dedicated team of advisers to select long lasting and relevant solutions.

Whilst there can be many complexities with your individual circumstance that require careful analysis and understanding, our approach to your financial affairs aims to follow the following stages:

  • Protect
    • This has many facets and is relevant to every stage of your financial timeline.
    • We will always review your current situation to ensure that you are financially secure. This should be the starting point for your financial affairs.
      • Wealth Preservation – How Safe is your Money?
        • Is your money institutionally sound?
        • How powerful is the promise to pay?
        • Will you benefit from Investment Protection, for example Financial Services Compensation Scheme?
      • Wealth Management
        • We have vast experience in dealing with all levels of investment and will create bespoke solutions to fit with your requirements. Our focus is to ensure:
          • Investment Freedom
          • Tax Efficiency
          • Cost Efficiency
          • Security
          • Compatibility for future planning
    • Personal Protection
      • Providing for you and the people that matter
      • Protection Planning ensures that your life is secure and your beneficiaries have a certain future.
    • Business Protection
      • Company Will Planning and Business Survival
      • Business Succession
      • Key Business Individuals

    The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice, wills or trusts.

  • Accumulate
  • When you have the groundings of your financial planning, we can move forward with the Accumulation of your Wealth.

    We will target specific objectives for your situation and match these to your timeline. Our priorities will be:

    • Short term security
      • Funds for those unforeseen circumstances
    • Medium Term investing
      • Security throughout your life
      • Targeted Savings…
        • School / University Fee Planning
      • Additional Provisions for your beneficiaries
    • Long Term Provisions
      • Investment strategies for Growth and Income Targets
      • Accumulating funds for Retirement
      • Business Exit Planning

    Accumulation should not be a single provision. This is a strategy that we will guide you through so that you have right solutions for your specific goals.

  • Income
    • Making the most of your accumulated assets to achieve your income objectives
    • This does not have to mean retirement!
    • Your future income requirements may need to be flexible – we can provide the strategy to efficiently fit with your situation.
    • By utilising the right investment/retirement provision, your income structure and values can be extremely attractive.
  • Certainty
    • For you…
      • Our strategy will provide certainty for your financial situation.
    • The products and investments that we recommend…
      • This also relates to certainty in the Product or Investments that you hold, i.e. financial secure and institutionally sound.
      • We will always look to make sure that your money where possible has the maximum protection against the failure of an investment institution
    • Our Advice…
      • We are regulated by the FCA.
      • High Levels of Protection through our Professional Indemnity Insurance – Our advice to you is fully protected and indemnified
      • Ultimate Protection through the FCA (refer to limits etc)


    Within the above tax control is vital to the strategies that we use. We will ensure that you are utilising all of the conventional planning techniques, but apply bespoke strategies as appropriate.

    We specialise in working with Businesses and Individuals maximising the tax saving while you are accumulating and minimising the tax you pay in the future when you exit/retire.

    The current legislation provides a number of tax planning techniques that are rarely used to the full. We will provide you with the guidance to tap into these solutions, so that you can boost your assets and reduce the timeline to your exit and retirement.

Through regularly review of the strategy we put in place for you or your business, we are able to ensure the solutions we provide stay on course.


Advice Guarantee

Margetts Wealth is committed to independent advice, constructing financial solutions using products from the whole of the market. Financial advice is provided exclusively by qualified and experienced practitioners, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our advice to you is fully protected and indemnified through the high levels of protection provided through our Professional Indemnity Insurance. Furthermore our clients have piece of mind of knowing that we only advise on regulated products therefore you have ultimate protection through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

To find out more about our tailored services or to speak to one of our friendly independent financial advisers please contact our office on 0121 236 05500121 236 0550 or email

You should remember that the value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up. The return at the end of the investment period is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you originally invested.